New + Improved + Thank You New + Improved + Thank You

Over at , I'm always looking for ways to improve the store and the site.  Whether it be adding a look book to help customers ...

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Random Chanel Item No. 118 Random Chanel Item No. 118

It's Friday!  Tonight, we are young. So let's set the world on fire. We can burn brighter. Than the sun!  Any hot plans of your own?...

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400 Fifth Avenue 400 Fifth Avenue

Heading into NYC today with plans to visit a couple of showrooms and also, most importantly, get my hair zhushed .  Before I head out the d...

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Real Ways To Wear Run Way Real Ways To Wear Run Way

Today you are in for a "real" treat. I've asked Lauren from Where The Style Things Are , to give us all some insider dish.  La...

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Wednesday Wants Wednesday Wants

It's time.  I've managed to neglect my poor little feet almost all winter.  Today, I've decided my sad little toes are going to ...

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A Fabulous New Hardware Line A Fabulous New Hardware Line

Through blogging, I've had the opportunity to "meet" so many amazing people, all doing so many really creative things.  Today ...

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I'm Back + A Sneak Peek! I'm Back + A Sneak Peek!

Hi there!  I know I never mentioned a word about it...but I've been away in South Florida with my family on a two week vacation.  Since ...

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Monday's P.O.P. Monday's P.O.P.

purple pizazz Image via: Schulyer Samperton via DerringHall

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Random Chanel Item No. 117 Random Chanel Item No. 117

It's Friday! Admission is free so pay at the door~pull up a chair and sit on the floor! Clearly I've stopped making any sense at all...

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Welcoming Spring With Winters Welcoming Spring With Winters

Here at the very start of spring all I want is some bright and vibrant inspiration.  Even though we didn't have much of a winter (thankf...

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Door Details Door Details

I'd really love to zhush up a couple of the generic white paneled interior doors in our house.  One of them is the door to my husband&#...

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Wednesday Wants Wednesday Wants

On a recent trip to a local bookstore with a good friend, we picked up this charming little book and started flipping through the pages.  ...

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Gearing Up Again Gearing Up Again

It's hard to believe, but my middle child/younger daughter will be turning 10 this Spring! As I start to plan her birthday party, I'...

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Girly Mod Girly Mod

I was already familiar with the beautiful interiors of talented designer, Melanie Coddington.   However, it wasn't until I started follo...

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