I've been meaning to write about artist Matthew Heller, for quite some time. After the amount of emails inquiring about the artwork seen here in our living room in the HGTV Magazine feature, I thought now seemed liked the right time.  Roughly three years ago, I was looking everywhere for the perfect piece of art to hang over our living room couch and had also recently started this blog.  At the time, I was doing a little series called "lyrical lovelies," matching song lyrics with interior images.  Music and design are two passions of mine, and it was a fun little creative excersise. So, when I stumbled across Matthew's work in a magazine article on Molly Sim's apartment, (the image below) it gave me full on goosebumps!  Minutes later I was on Matthew's site and by that evening emailing him some song requests.  Initially, I had hoped to have Guns and Roses "Sweet Child O' Mine" but the size of the piece and the cost were prohibitive... Paul McCartney's "Black Bird" immediately came to mind next, as it's a classic song that my husband and I both really love.  Three years later, the lyrics and the art still speak to me. This post should really read: obsession la vie...

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