I know that technically it's still summer, but with my kids all back in school, the leaves starting to change and all the rain we have in the New York forecast, I'm in a bit of a seasonal transitional slump.  This is an effort to cheer myself up with so much of what I look forward to each fall and the cooler months ahead.  First up: boots...boot wearing, boot shopping, boot ogling.  These black YSL riding boots need to be mine! And, light fixtures are like the decor equivalent of boots for me, this one is beyond spectacular, (not really fall related, but cheering me up nonetheless).  Autumn has such a rustic quality , this clever side table brings to life this feeling. It's just the piece needed for some tension in our all white lucite and chrome Florida living room. With burgundy as the "it" color for fall, Carry On by essie seems very of the moment, I love this polish for pedicures.  Perhaps my favorite treat of the season, pumpkin spice lattes, even just thinking about it makes me smile.  Finally, there are few things I love more than curling up on the couch with a great movie and some fresh popped popcorn. We drizzle ours with this truffle oil, it makes it seem so decadent.  Next up for me is Stardust Memories, can you believe I've never seen this?

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