We went from peek fall foliage to "non-Halloween" and then, bam-thwack! mid-winter all in less than a two week span in the New York tri-state area.  And, what a time it's been, (and for many continues to be).  If I never hear the words "storm" "power" or "utility" again...  As you can see from my obsessions this week, warmth, comfort and light are very much occupying my thoughts these days.  Any and all of these would make for lovely gifts. I'm planning on shopping early this year and then enjoying as much of the season with my family as I can, this was the other thought I've had all week, since it already looks like mid-December here.  Finally, I can't help but to be obsessed with the re-design of my little blog! The three year anniversary of The Zhush came and went amid all the chaos of the past two weeks, and the two year anniversary of zhush.com is today!  What better time to roll out a fresh new look.  Thanks so much to the amazingly bright, creative and uber-organized Cooper-House! I love the new look.  Monday I'll be celebrating all these blog and shop milestones in style with a giveaway here, so please check back then!

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