I'm currently in the process of editing down my wardrobe.  I read somewhere that most people only wear twenty percent of their clothes, eighty percent of the time...I know that this is probably true for me. As I sift through piles of unworn sweaters and stacks of shoe boxes, I'm keeping the modern, clean style of Vogue market editor, Jessica Sailer, in mind.  I've saved these images of her "5 looks, 1 girl" (my favorite Vogue.com feature) for several months. Jessica's streamlined use of accessories and classic American style is exactly where my head is at these days.  Masculine, chunky watches, signet rings and skinny jeans paired with monogram necklaces and bold, flirty blouses will all make the cut in my closet this spring...sometimes it just feels so good to pare down belongings...(almost as good as shopping).

Scroll to see more looks inspired by Jessica's style, here:

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