{Balenciaga 2007 fall collection}

It was during the spring and summer of 2007 
that these images started showing up 
in magazines and online.

This confirmed what I had already suspected....
the scarf was hot!


 It didn't take long for my one cute taupe scarf 
to turn into a full on obsession for me.


I began wearing scarves with everything! 
Heading into the summer months, this only increased.

{Madewell for ShopBop}

So long pashminas, good bye summer sweaters, 
the scarf was the go to accessory of choice.

Either looped onto a bag or 
casually draped around your neck,
it was there when you needed it...
frigid air conditioned restaurants, offices 
and stores be damned!

Soon enough, 
there was a scarf at every price point, 
and in every color combination.

{old navy}

Since 2007, I have amassed quite a collection of scarves.
It always fits, never hurts my feet (or my bank account),
and it goes with everything...is it any wonder that
this accessory has become my wardrobe woobie.


I keep thinking I should be over it...
it's all about the cardigan now...right?

But then I spy these gorgeous 
Marika Charles summer cotton scarves...
and I know...
I need  my  WOOBIE!

{what's your wardrobe woobie?}

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