{Cortney and Robert Novogratz}

The fabulous Novogratz family,
and their hit show on Bravo,
Nine by Design,
has me tuning in each week,
and loathing myself.
{here is why}

1.  My rationalizations for leaving New York City are gone!
It's no secret that I miss living in New York City.
Like many a suburbanite,
I rationalize this choice by convincing myself
that it's just too hard, expensive and all together impossible
to raise a family in the city.
And..hello..I have three children!

Cortney and Robert Novogratz have SEVEN!
 Seven gorgeous children,
running around and growing up in the most
amazing spaces and interiors, designed by their parents.
The two principals of the design firm,
Design Sixx.
Like this uber hip town house.

And this ridiculously cool roof top basket ball court.

2.  I can't seem to lose those last ten pounds of "baby weight".
I had my son almost four years ago.

Cortney just had her seventh baby.
Oh! Good for you Cortney!

3.  I regret going to Law School, and rationalize
that I am too old now
 to go back to school for interior design.

Cortney and Robert are self taught.


4.  I was an English Major with a
Minor in Fine Art.

Here is some of the art they own...

and, look...
they even published
a book!

My reasons could go on and on...but I will sum it up like this:
When I tune into reality shows like The Jersey Shore, I get
to feel all smug about myself.
Watching Nine by Design has quite the opposite affect on me.

Oh, and speaking of the Jersey Shore...
they've made that fab too!
{Bungalow 24}
exasperating, isn't it...

will you be tuning in tonight?
 {you know I will}

images via:  DreamersDen; NYSocialDiary; Sketch42; Bravo; gooleimages; DesiretoInspire

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