There's nothing like being cooped up in your house for several days (thank you, Nemo) to make you want to re-consider the style and design of almost every aspect of your space.  Above is a photo I snapped of my kitchen cabinets, while snowed in last Friday. Notice the painted blue bead board backs?  I've also included the 2005 cover of Martha Stewart Living that inspired me to go blue with the cabinets in the first place (beyond crazy that I still have that!)  Now, seven years later...I think I'm over this look.  Since we're having the entire adjoining family room professionally painted next month (this room has not seen fresh paint in 12 years and the walls are literally crumbling) I thought now might be the perfect time to paint the back of the open cabinets 1.white 2. a soft blue gray 3. mirrors? 4. leave them alone.  After staring at thousands of white kitchens on pinterest for the past few days to help speed this decision along...I'm really leaning towards the all white clean look. Since I'm clearly influenced by pretty kitchen photos...I've included my favorite "all white" kitchen images here. Please feel free to weigh in!
Images via: Style At Home BHG Houzz

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