By now, I'm sure many of you have seen the beautiful feature on Lee Radziwill, in the New York Times magazine. What a great choice for Deborah Needleman's debut issue!  I found the whole piece to be so interesting, and confess that outside of Ms. Radziwill's relationship to the Kennedy clan, I knew very little about this fascinating lady.  Often tragic yet always glamorous, this small peek into a time in our not so distant history has really sparked a new interest for me (not unlike the first season of Downton, after which I read everything by Julian Fellowes, and went on to exhaust the whole British post World War One aristocratic era as well) I'm now feeling that same pull to learn more about the jet set, high society party circuit in New York City, during the sixties and seventies (and of course more about the life of Lee Radziwill).  This lovely little book, Happy Times, seems like an easy enough place to start...others of interest to me are Bals, The Guest List, New York, New York and the Party Of The Century.  I know there are a lot of other compelling reads out there on this subject, can you recommend any?

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