I'm writing to you as a huge fan.  
Your clothing line and
accessories are fabulous!
The handcrafted quality and 
ethnic vibe you embrace, is so completely appreciated
in this mass produced modern world.

 Whenever I'm on the Upper East Side of Manhattan,
I always stop by your charming townhouse shop.

I never leave empty handed, or disappointed.

But, as a mother to three, I don't get into the city as 
much as I would like anymore...
You have such a great site.
I really dig your blog.
I know that the Roberta Roller Rabit store sells
all of your bright and fun kurtas, tunics and hats....
But, as one blogger to another...
how about the rest of all your great inventory?
Why not sell it ALL online?
 I love the pieces Olivia Palermo designed.
It's so great that you got Olivia to help you out,
(which is more than some designers are able to do),
thinking you must have "people" that can
hook you up with a really great online store!


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