Viewing the online portfolio of
Christina Murphy Interiors
the other day...and thinking to myself
"I love her style...this is so my style!"

 I chic is this kitchen?
These fab lucite stools?
I have them too!

She used one of my all time favorite
in this lovely powder room!
I used this too!

Can never get enough China Seas Quadrille~
(and now I want to line bookcases with it!)

 That gorgeous Roost light fixture...I love it!

Completely smitten
with these monogrammed linens!

Hello, Hermes orange ceilings!

I just love all the cool touches that
Christina employs...
which got me wondering,
what would you call this style of decor?
So, I asked her...
and this is what she answered:

"Timeless designs with a twist!"

From now on,
if anyone asks,
that's my style too!

Thanks Christina!

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