A true "girlie-girl" at heart, 
I love primping and prepping for a party.
Taking my time for a casual dinner out with friends,
or a black tie affair with hundreds...
half the fun for me is the
"before time".

I posted about
my own little dressing area here,
when I channeled one of my
favorite style icons, Diana Vreeland.

Speaking of Ms. Vreeland...
"This is a very serious subject with me.  I've given
this a lot of thought.  I adore dressing and I adore making up.
I adore the procedure-it's terribly invigorating, both during my
getting up in the morning and during my getting ready to
go out in the evening.  It gives me such pleasure."
~Diana Vreeland

Tomorrow, be sure to stop by The Shiny Pebble,
as Catherine is hosting the hottest
virtual party in town!

images via: LaDolceVita;MadelineStuart;PhoebeHoward;ToriGolubInteriors;HouseBeautiful;ElleDecor

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