We've had a lot of dreary weather lately, here in New York. Thank goodness for the ability to ogle some of my favorite artists and designers on the internet...the indoor equivalent (sadly) for sunshine these days.  Starting with this unique bag by Givenchy. I keep going back to it. Another site had it listed simply as a "pouch" where it sold out immediately, but, I noticed Barneys has this listed as a cosmetics bag, and its still available (for a lot less than Givenchy clutches typically sell for too) I'd use a cosmetics bag as a clutch...when it's this pretty, who cares? Right? We've had to turn on the heat a few evenings here, nothing dries out my skin and hair quicker than a north east winter. I've heard great things about this satin oil, thinking of giving it a try.  Serena and Lily is such a good site for bedding, especially kid's rooms, but did you know they have an amazing selection of original artwork?! Like this fabulous abstract by Michelle Armas...obsessed. Speaking of obsessed, the colors of this Kelly Wearstler box work so well with the artwork above I just had to include it here as well...and check out the inside! 

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