I was first going to give this post the title "calm before the storm"...but truthfully, after reading and listening to all the news and weather updates related to Hurricane Sandy, right now, there is nothing calm about my mood.  We've secured all the outdoor furniture, potted plants and urns, gassed up the cars, shopped for food, charged up our iEverythings and I've now cleaned every surface in the house at least twice.  Extreme weather makes me very anxious and I know from my twitter and facebook feeds, I'm not alone. Schools here in the tri-state New York area have already decided to close Monday and Tuesday.  It's probably safe to assume we will not have power, possibly for as long as a week...it's happened before.

So, if this blog goes silent for a while, chances are we are all hunkering down in the basement, where I'll most likely be eating my weight in fun-sized Snickers. Our basement is thankfully finished and comfortable. We have a generator that powers the bare minimum, making the house habitable and safe.  I'm really just worried about property damage, my kids' Halloween being ruined (again) and the inconvenience of children home from school with no cable or internet (needed to run my business)...first world problems, all of them, to be sure.

Fingers crossed that this storm either dies down or doesn't live up to all the hype.  Stay safe everyone!

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