Today's minor obsessions are short and sweet. The above, the result of a little retail therapy I indulged in earlier this week.  After missing out on those cult favorite, black cap toe, Zara nude pumps last year...I knew I had to scoop these from J.Crew, pronto.  I love that they create a bit of a "longer leg illusion" and that sturdy heel gives klutzy me a bit more piece of mind. Next, are these mirrored aviators from Nordstrom, I had to have them because they were $12.00! If I manage not to lose and/or break them, I may never buy another pair of designer shades again...Finally, a great little bottle of hand lotion, my skin must be allergic to winter because once the cold weather hits (along with flu season and my OCD hand washing) my hands get painfully dry. I literally need all the moisturizers I can get my hands on, the fact that this one smells like roses is a complete bonus.

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