The Universe is a strange and curious place.

Last week, I made a trip to Mason, a great little shop in New Canaan, Connecticut.  Mason, is fast becoming one of my favorite destinations for home decor. 
{store's motto: where disco + Madison Ave. meets Main St.!}

It was a dreary, rainy Wednesday afternoon.  I was poking around, alone in the store.

I had no intention of writing a post, but what transpired next, convinced me to take out my i-phone
and start taking some photos!  The saleslady behind the counter was on the phone.  I quite distinctly heard her tell someone, "Pretty In Pink...just like in the movie!" I quickly awoke from my shopping daze, and asked her if she was talking about the movie, Funny Face? She was! At that point I told her
all about this blog, and the post that I had just done on the movie Funny Face!

At which point, she proceeded to tell me that Mason, is her sister's shop.  At that very moment, her sister was over at the Le Beau Chateau Estate, getting ready for that evening's event, Spring Awakening-A Broadway Inspired Table Top Show!  Her sister had chosen to recreate a vignette dedicated to the Think Pink Scene from Funny Face.  Even crazier...I was scheduled to attend that very same event that night!

And here is Courtney Mason's interpretation of the show Funny Face from the Spring Awakening event!

Obviously, this tableau was one of my favorites from this fun evening. I attended this event with Carolyn James McDonough, from  Diane James Home, and The Buzz Blog.  So fitting, since meeting Carolyn was also a very happy coincidence!  Twenty leading interior designers participated in this inspired show.  Check back here tomorrow for more coverage on all my favorites!

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