Back in January, 2008, Isabel Bigelow 
was featured as an emerging artist in Elle Decor.

{blue willow}

It was in this issue (which I still have today) that
Ms. Bigelow's work first showed up on my radar.
I have been a big fan 
of this talented artist's work ever since.

"Of late, Bigelow has been focusing on trees, 
exploring shadow and light and what she calls "the spaces
in between."  She's especially fond of willows, with their 
chandelier like hairdos."
                                               ~ Elle Decor January, 2008


{yellow tree}

{tangled willow}

{California poppies}

{blue + gold fall}

{lone willow}

{falling green + gray}

{clouds + willows}

Just recently,
while perusing the amazing portfolio of
Phoebe Howard,
I came across this beautiful interior.

Don't you love when that happens?

Images via:  GoogleImages;SearsPeytonGallery 
                      and PhoebeHoward

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