Fifteen years ago today, my husband proposed at 
The Plaza hotel, in New York City.
Thinking about this iconic hotel,
and all the different owners and renovations
that have taken place, since the night we got engaged,
"old school New York City style"...

Here is a virtual peak at The Plaza today.
Having gone partially condo, fifteen years later,
The Plaza still looks pretty swank.

The model condominium units designed by Versaci Home,
still retain the glamor and glitz that I will
forever associate with this Hotel.

And, some things have remained exactly as I remember.
The Lobby.

The Oak Bar.

And, the Oak Room as well.

The adorable homage to Eloise is new,
and it seems the hotel's remaining rooms and suites
have all been spiffed up as well.
Not only did we get engaged at The Plaza,
but we spent our wedding night there as well.
One day, I know 
we will return to this famous landmark.

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images via: TheLuxist,;ThePlaza; GoogleImages

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