Back in January, 
I wrote a piece on "up and coming" fashion designer, 
Dora Abodi.

Recently, I have had the pleasure of corresponding 
with Ms. Abodi and her design team.

Her new look book for Fall 2010,
is brimming with creativity and fresh ideas.
 The best part, is that it is all inspired by
the Glam Rock genius that is mid-eighties David Bowie.
In fact, Dora Abodi even named the collection
"Bowie Utopia".

It's amazing how music can inspire a
designer to create pieces like this.

Viewing the collection,
I can  hear Ashes to Ashes
and Let's Dance, playing in my head.
{I saw Bowie perform live during the Ziggy Stardust Spider tour!}

As much as I love the clothes here,
I think Dora Abodi really "shines" as an
accessories designer!

Glam Rock Gorgeous!

To view the whole collection, check out Dora Abodi's site here.

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