As we head into the July 4th weekend,
my mind always wanders back
to the summer of 1993,
off the coast of Long Island, New York...
to a place known as Fire Island.

It was during this summer, that I first met my husband.

Fire Island is a "car free"
barrier island accessible only by Ferry.

Once you are on the ferry, car free lends itself to carefree...
and your mind immediately shifts into vacation mode.

At the time,  both my husband and I, were recent grads
out of law school, working in Manhattan.
We spent our summers in "share houses"
with other young professionals.
The houses were nothing special, but
we had the time of our lives.

We often talked about coming back
to the island one day,
and building a beautiful dream house.

Which is exactly what interior designer,
Gail Shields-Mirror did, when she built
her own lovely home on Fire Island.

Maybe one day we'll follow her lead....


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