This renovated apartment 
Home Section, caught my eye 
for a number of reasons...
It's a "Six Degrees of Separation" thing.

The New York Times is the First Degree of separation.

Posting it here, is the Second Degree.


The homeowners are the parents 
of one of the founding editors of the now defunct,
Domino magazine. 
I loved Domino, that's the Third Degree.

The owner, a retired oral surgeon,
removed my wisdom teeth when I was sixteen.
Fourth Degree.

This condo is located in my home town
of Suffern, New York.
I grew up in Suffern. 
Fifth Degree.

The renovated condo is located in the 
same senior's complex/retirement community
where my parents currently reside today.
Sixth Degree.

Six degrees of separation can be an interesting social experiment.

What I've learned:

1.  One of the founding editors of Domino magazine 
and I, grew up in the same town...I had no idea.

2.  The oral surgeon that removed my wisdom teeth,
way back when, is quite design savvy...who knew?
{I wish I could remember his office!}

3.  The New York Times has "jumped the snark!"

Design is about individual taste.  
I'm a strong believer in finding elements 
from different styles to create 
comfortable and unique spaces.

Unlike the couple featured in this article, 
many of the other occupants of this 
development were drawn to more traditional elements, 
well executed throughout the complex - 
high ceilings with crown moldings, 
and a generous and flowing floor plan.  
While I am personally a fan of this minimalist gut and redo job, 
not everyone, wants to feel like they have permanently
checked into a hotel in Stockholm.

I don't know why the New York Times felt the need
to use such pejorative terms when describing
the rest of the units and its occupants. 
Style has never been about tearing down, 
its about building up!

A generation that has been dubbed "The Greatest Generation",
lives here in this development, this 
"very American senior complex"
one that survived the Depression and 
many other hardships and takes great pride 
in their lovely homes.

Way to respect your readership New York Times...
no wonder your subscription rates are dwindling.

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