For this week's summer style secrets segment, please welcome,

Shari has such great style,
she even created this amazing collage of
all her summer staples!

My Style Secrets that are featured are:
Suave Rosemary and Mint shampoo: I just can't get over this shampoo, it smells just like Aveda, and it's only about $2 a bottle!

LL Bean Boat n Tote: I LOVE my monogrammed Boat n Totes, they have been with me everywhere, from city to country, and trust me, you will never be embarrassed carrying a monogrammed Boat n Tote. They're a classic!

Eres bikini: I love Eres, their suits fit so beautifully, no weird lumps or bumps, they don't slip and slide, and their super chic designs are really unique. Definitely worth the investment.

Diptyque Ofresia perfume: This is my signature summer scent, it's a light and lovely floral that isn't too overpowering when it gets really hot.

Boyfriend shirt: I always wear an oversized men's button-down over my bikini when I'm going to or from the beach. It's a million times more sophisticated than fussy cover-ups, very preppy chic.

Spa water: This is my favorite summer drink! Fill a pitcher with purified water, slice up a cucumber and a lemon or two, throw in a few sprigs of rosemary and let steep in the refrigerator overnight. It's inexpensive, refreshing and all-natural!

Thank you to The Zhush for asking me to share my Summer Style Secrets! I think Sue is one of the most stylish women I know and definitely one of my favorite bloggers, so it is super flattering to be asked!
 Thanks again Shari!
I adore all your picks,
and your fabulous blog as well!

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