Last month, Andy Warhol collectors and enthusiasts, 
convened at the Samuel Owen Gallery~
Pop Up Shop, in New Canaan, Connecticut.

 The event, The Modern Show/Famous for 15 Minutes
featured a rare and eclectic selection of works by Andy Warhol 
and his contemporaries.

This special evening also featured Corey Grant Tippin.
An artist, designer and antiques dealer.

 Mr. Tippin was a fixture in Warhol's notorious factory.
  He worked alongside Warhol to create the images
seen in the famous print series, "Ladies and Gentlemen".

Mr. Tippin was gracious enough to host
a question and answer session about his time
at Warhol's factory. 

He also shared his Polaroids from his time with Warhol.

Mr. Tippin even had a Polaroid camera on hand that
evening, and was busy taking shots of the
guests which will be featured in a live art installation.

 {can you find me?}

It was a great evening of art and art history.


And, for another slice of style here in the suburbs...
check out sketch42 ,
where I'm guest posting about local design.
Hope to see you there!

Images via:  ImagesandDetails

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