Here's my round up for this week: This darling clutch (now on sale!) first caught my eye on pinterest.  I love the bold punchy heart paired with the more reserved stripes.  Spotted this image by Jill Greenberg over on the blog, and I just could not stop staring.  Aquatic sports aren't really my thing, but after catching some of the Olympic synchronized swimming competitions, I'm now a full on convert...the pageantry and the effort involved in these routines is nothing less than amazing!  While looking for interesting and creative reads for my children, I ordered this book...and now I want to keep it all for myself (that happens sometimes). Finally, I can't really wrap my head around fall clothes with all this heat, but these new autumn nail polish colors seem easy (and pretty) enough to appreciate now. I'll be donning "Miss Fancy Pants" on my hands and "Headmistress" on my toes, and because I'm not too skilled with nail polish, I'm super excited about finding this product!

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