Has anyone seen any great movies lately? I haven't, which is why I'm super excited for both of these films, opening this week. Written by and starring two of my favorite actresses and both featuring two of my favorite male comics, I have such high hopes for both of these!  And, what would a great summer flick be without super sized snacking?  I only discovered these Ritter Sport bars a few months ago and they are like my candy cryptonite...why these are called "sport" is a mystery to me, maybe because if you don't carry on like an Olympic athlete 24/7 then you truly lack the metabolism required to consume them? What's not a mystery is my continuous love for Balenciaga bags~the best colors, the coolest hardware and the most supple leather ever (evah!) Back down to earth are these glam meets tailored bracelets spotted at J.Crew, an everyday piece that looks a lot more luxe than it is. Finally, Carnal Flower Brume Pour Cheveux, or to put it simply, fabulous smelling mist for your hair.

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