Several months ago, I was given a gift card to one of my favorite department stores, Saks!  Sometimes when I get a gift card, especially if it's from a high end spot, I like to relish the whole experience and really take my time with my selection.  Every once in a while I would "window shop: the Saks site.  While there were always several dozen items that would catch my eye, I didn't want to spend the gift on a blouse or pair of shoes or anything that I might tire of in too short a time.  Then one day, it hit me...a new super plush white robe! It was just the sort of "comfort buy" I was searching for.  I knew it would fit, it wouldn't go out of style and I would wear it everyday fresh out of the shower.  The best part though was the monogram option, as you can see, I had a lot of fun with that!  My new luxe robe makes me smile every morning, (which is no easy feat)!

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