Another local architect, whose work I
really admire is Louise Brooks,

Based out of New Canaan, Connecticut, some of my favorite
local homes have been either designed or renovated
by Louise Brooks.

Ms. Brooks has the ability to take traditional elements
and make them seem so fresh.

Her interior designs are as beautiful as her
exterior work.

She seems to have a strong sense of how
people really use their homes.

Classic lines and a fresh prospective,
combine to create some of the loveliest spaces.

A classic Louise Brooks kitchen,

and two stand out, master bathrooms.

Whimsical touches like this built in bird house
are a trademark feature of a Louise Brooks home.

If the name Louise Brooks, sounds familiar...
it may be because in addition to having
her homes published in several top shelter magazines...

she has also collaborated on an amazing line
of home decor products, called...oomph !

Love those 'tini tables!

So, to the reader who wanted some
great architectural references,
now that you have your zhush and some oomph...
good luck with your decision on your project!
{when it's all finished, send in some photos}

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