Sarah, from Flourish Design + Style is sharing some of her 
Summer Style Secrets with us today.

Here are my summer essentials:
1.       Great flip flops. Each summer I invest in one good pair that I know will go with my go to summer looks. In the past I’ve gone with Tory Burch, JCrew’s leather sandals and this year, Burberry Jellies. I adore them-Available here.
2.       Summer hair product. I just picked up a Frederick Fekkai product for waves. Gives my daily pony tails a little change. You can buy it online at Sephora here.

3.       For my lips.. year round it’s Vaseline. Plain and simple. I haven’t worn lipstick in 5 years. I started using it in the hospital with Calleigh and I haven’t stopped since.

4.      My summer dress code is easy, simple and basic. I love white shorts, you can do so much with them. These shown are white with a glam twist from Jcrew.

5.    Tunics. This one is from Rikshaw, love it. It’s available here.
 Thanks so much your style!

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