The Rachel Zoe Project, my guiltiest of guilty pleasures
returns to Bravo tonight!

I love Rachel Zoe's endless wardrobe,

and her over-the-top approach to accessories!

Rachel's fabulous taste extends to her interiors as well.

I think her fashion meets decor style is very inspiring.

I adore her assistant Brad,
{here he is...sans "Braditude"}

and her whacky catchphrases too!

I am so curious about the drama that went down with Tay Tay...

And, I really admire Rachel's determination
to take over the world.
{I's like on another level!}

{Rachel Zoe for HSN}

{Rachel Zoe daily newsletter}

{Rachel Zoe "Bible"}

Not to mention all her fabulous celebrity clients!

So, I guess its safe to say...
I will be tuning in tonight,
{will you?}

ImagesVia:  GoogleImages;ApartmentTherapy;WelcomeHome

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