I'm thrilled to have Ally of FROM THE RIGHT BANK
 here today, spilling her Summer Style Secrets!
I like sunshine as much as the next person but it's my skin's worst enemy so sunscreen is a must. I love MD's All-in-One Tinted Moisturizer Sunscreen because it has the most terrific matte finish. 

Like a lot of people, I had always dismissed rosés as a cheap wine for people who don't know better. When I moved to France I learned just how wrong I had been. There are some great rosés on the market and in the warm summer months, I love it as an apertif or to take along on picnics. 2005 E. Guigal Tavel Rosé is a good one that you can find pretty easily in the U.S. 

I went to an outdoor concert recently and they were selling frozen lemonade. It was so refreshing that it's all I can think about on hot and steamy days here in Hotlanta, which is to say everyday. I found a recipe for one here. Add a little shot of something and I think it would also make a lovely cocktail. (Apparently, I like drinking in the summer.)

TOMS Classic Canvas Slip-On's are super lightweight and oh-so comfortable. It's the perfect thing to throw on on days when you'll be running around a lot. Plus, for every pair sold, TOMS gives a child in need a new pair of shoes. I love that!

Thanks so much Ally,
I love TOMS too...
{and cocktails and wine!}

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