For this week's Summer Style Secrets, I'm so pleased to welcome
Monika, from Splendid Willow.

I know you'll love her secrets AND her fab blog as well...


I Go Nuts For These:

Hello, Monika from Splendid Willow here. It is such an honor for me to be here today.
My blog is focused on interior design and therefore I can't help but start by sharing an inexpensive DIY design project with you - perhaps for the summer house. I think whoever came up with this is brilliant! A few vintage wooden crates - and voila! A lovely and personal area to store (or even display!) all summer shoes! Maybe something to hunt for at the summer auctions and flea markets.

From shoes to summer skin. I don't know which one of my "secret tips" does the trick. Or if it is a combination. But these products have definitely improved the look and feel of my "over four zero skin", and I am by no means an expert in this area!

First up is a gadget that I recently invested in, its called Clarisonic.

Yeah, yeah, I thought for myself when the sales person at Sephora told me that it would do wonders for my skin. How many things and products have I invested in that made zip, nada, zero difference to my skin. But I've got to tell you this gadget has really improved texture. My skin looks brighter and healthier and appears smoother.

Before I hit the sack, I slap some Hydroxy Acid Night Rejuvenator by Earth Essentials on my skin. This cream does not make me look like a sad puff ball when I wake up! It just looks fresh.

For day cream I use the Age Reversal Face Cream by Desert Essence.. I like using as many natural things on my face as possible - and my sensitive skin really responds well to this cream.

As far as makeup goes, I'm a pretty natural kind of girl.  A little bit of mascara and purple/brown eye pen for my green eyes and lip gloss.  With a little summer tan, I love putting on Mac's Viva Glam VI lip gloss. It is natural with some edge to it - and it stays on!

Let me add some shoes to that unique storage area in the first pic. I practically live in these silver Birkenstock sandals, in the summer time! This is the second year I trot around in them! (I read somewhere that Heidi Klum is also a fan!). They are hip in silver, look great with a sun tan and work with white jeans, shorts, as well as a feminine summer dress. And they are Birkenstocks, which means they are oh-so comfortable! I even put them in the washing machine, with so far no damage to the leather.
 Those were some of my personal things I go nuts for this summer. Thank you for inviting me, Sue. Summer Hugs to all of you.  And an extra warm hug to Sue!
Special thanks to Monika...
 and while she was here today...
I'm guest posting on her site,
{hope to see you there!}

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